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Video Analysis of Your Strokes

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Video analysis is the fastest, most effective way to improve your game. In fact, I'd say video technology, combined with web technology, is a miracle in tennis learning. It leads to rapid, dramatic improvment in a short time. Let me show you why.

On the right is a student I recently filmed using the same 60fps technology I use on my site. Once I film someone's strokes, I put them on my site under their own login profile. Not only can they go through their strokes frame by frame, but I also compare their strokes right next to a pro player. They can go frame by frame through their stroke and the pro stroke and immediately compare the two motions. They can also see a frame by frame printout of their stroke compared to a professional player. Not only do they get these tools to work with, they get specific, detailed instruction from me. Click here to see a backhand takeback problem. Click here to see a serve "trophy position" problem.

This accomplishes two things that traditional lessons can't. First, it let's the student SEE themselves and their motions. For just about everyone, this is an incredibly enlightening experience. Most people have no idea what their motions really look like, because they have never "seen" themselves before. It is quite an experience to see that what you THOUGHT your body was doing was quite different (often dramatically different) from what you really did. Video let's you get a great sense of your body motions so that you can alter them. And it lets you tap into the enormous power of visual learning.

In a traditional tennis lesson, you get no chance to see yourself. And you get no chance to see what a proper model is to copy. Instead you typically have an instructor who never models a proper stroke (they typically just talk), never actually looks at your stroke in detail (because the human eye misses most of the stroke because it is too fast and because the instructor is usually busy on the other side of the net feeding balls and talking) and instead just gives verbal "commands" for an hour based on whatever generic tips he/she has learned over the years. Not my idea of a well spent $65.00 - $75.00 per hour.

To get better, you must learn in a natural "see and copy" way. You must model new arm/body positions and new motions. This takes specific visual feedback and specific modeling to do. The "verbal tennis tip" approach is like trying to fix a car without diagnosing the problem first and with no specific tools to fix the problem.