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Mail Me A Video

If you are unable to come to the DC area to get your game video taped by us, you can do the taping yourself and send me the mini-dv tape. I will pull your strokes off the tape at 60fps, and do the entire analysis online. Or you can email me video if you have video ready to send.

Step 1


Get a digital video camcorder and set the shutter speed to "Sports Mode". Even better, if you can manually set the shutter speed, set it to 1/2000. This will prevent bluriness of the racket and ball and will let me get 60 frames a second. I recommend the Camera ZR series because they are inexpensive, have a great picture, and you can manually set the shutter speed.

Step 2


Mail the Mini-DV tape to me and I will pull the video off of the tape and turn it into stroke clips, just like the ones on my site. You will get a full analysis with the pro stroke comparison tool that lets you compare your stroke, frame by frame, to any pro stroke on my site:

Jeff Counts 5001 Seminary Rd., Apt 1012
Alexandria, Virginia 22311


     $65.00 per stroke or

$220.00 for serve, forehand, backhand, and net game