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Pro Comparison

The top player is a former college player I recently worked with who wanted to work on his forehand. And below him is Andy Murray. My custom video players allows a perfectly synchronized comparison between you and a professional player - letting you see exactly where you differ from the pro model. Click on the video and use your arrow keys to go through the video frame by frame. Hit the "Flip" button to see the strokes from a left handed perspective. Hit the "Full screen" button to enlarge the video. Stop the video at similar points and compare the racket/body positions. If you would like to get filmed and have your strokes compared to a pro, just like the player on the right, email me at or call me at (703) 867-9650.

People have told me that the video analysis I do is worth 20 traditional lessons. I don't think you can even compare it with a tradtional tennis lesson because video comparison is visual, it's comparative based, it taps directly into your "motor neurons", and it is there for you 24 hours a day to study. A traditional lesson, on the hand, is purely verbal, offers no comparison with a good model, and is quickly forgetton.

Modern technology is a miracle to sports learning. Hi-techtennis allow you to leverage the power of technology to improve your strokes in the most rapid, effective, and efficient way possible. Email me and let's use technology to transform your strokes!

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