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MTM Coaches

Pull the Racket
All great one handers "pull" the butt cap of the racket towards the ball. After lowering the structure, pull the racket, butt cap first, towards the ball. This will get your racket parallel to your body and to the side fence with the butt cap of your racket facing the ball. We call this "being in the slot". Pretend that the butt cap of your racket is a flashlight that must "shine" on the net.

Three other things to notice. First, there is almost no shoulder turn here. Just a pulling of the racket forward. Second, the "little L" is maintained. Third, a great reference point is the direction your knuckles face. In the first frame, Acasuso's knuckles face the back fence. When he is "in the slot", his knuckles face the side fence. (On contact, his knuckles will face the net).

Hit play to watch the entire stroke up to "the slot".

Inside Out
Pull the racket towards contact by "getting in the slot".

Acasuso is "in the slot".