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Tennis For Beginners, Tomaz Mencinger

I recently was asked to review Tomaz Mencinger's new set of beginner instructional videos. After watching his videos, I was incredibly impressed with Tomaz's instruction. He teaches the modern game, but simplifies it by starting with the contact point and extension through the ball.
Tennis Strokes That Win, Frank Early

I think Tennis Strokes That Win is the best tennis book ever written. Early teaches us about a well timed "hip and shoulder rotation". About the "gears" of the swinging system. About creating body stretches and coiling up energy and creating elasticity. About balance and efficiency. He understands the paramount role of the BODY in tennis. While most everyone else is obsessed with the racket and racket head speed, Early takes a step back and sees how the BODY, in harmony with the racket, works to create and release energy into the ball. This book is a must-own. Pure brilliance.
  • Lock and Roll Tennis
    "Here at Lock and Roll Tennis, we believe in using the natural rotation of one's body to deliver strong, powerful hits (the 'Lock and Roll' movement). We'll help you learn how to play tennis like a pro, effortlessly - whether you're a beginner or an advanced player."

    Tae Byon teaches the "Lock and Roll" movement, demonstrated by a toy "drum", that captures the essence of how modern groundstrokes work. Tae's site is a must for anyone wanting to learn (or teach) the modern game.

  • Tennis Guru
    Clint Stephenson teaches the concepts of "pulling" the racket, rotating your core, and using the windshield wiper to explain how the pros hit the ball. You can download his video for free at the above link and it's another must for anyone wanting to play or teach the modern game.
    John Yandell started the video revolution in tennis instruction. This is his site. Check out my articles on "The Spring Effect" and "The Windshield Wiper Forehand" under his "Tour Strokes" section.
  • Tennis Without Tension
    Learn to improve and play tennis with ease and freedom from tension using the mind-body method called the Alexander Technique. Gary Adelman, tennis pro and Alexander Technique teacher will show you how to apply this innovative method to take your game to the next level
  • ADHD Tennis
    ADHD Tennis was started by one of my Hi-techtennis members, Dr.Jose Li. He uses the wonderful sport of tennis to help kids with ADHD improve their focus, attention span, and self-esteem. And his understanding of tennis technique is outstanding. Check out his "catch and throw" concept here.