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The Incredible Power of Visual Learning

Here is an excerpt from an article that just appeared in Scientific American Mind. It's from the April/May 2006 edition:

"Humans See, Human Do - Brain Cells That Mirror Actions We See Are Key to Learning..."

  "[Mirror] neurons are scattered throughout key parts of our brain -- the premotor cortext and centers for language, empathy, and pain -- and fire not only as we perform a certain action but also when we watch someone else perform that action. These neurons have been studied in the past for their roles in movement and other functions. Now, however, researchers are examining them intensely for what seems to be an additional function -- the way they fire in response to something observed. The discovery of this mechanism, made about a decade ago, suggests that everything we watch someone else do, we do as well -- in our minds. At its most basic, this finding means we mentally rehearse or imitate every action we witness, whether it is a somersault or a subtle smile. It explains how we learn to smile, talk, walk, dance, or play tennis."

Scientific American Mind
April/May 2006
P. 23-24

Hi-techtennis is designed to MAXIMIZE visual learning. My site contains video after video, clip after clip of pros hitting balls in beautiful slow motion footage. Your "mirror neurons" will automatically take these images and start to make sense of them. As you watch the clips, your body will instinctively try to copy the professional motions as your mirror neurons fire in response to the images.

You will also find, in an almost weird way, that if you watch the clips for awhile and then go play, you will start to incorporate pro movements unconsciously. This kind of learning is so much faster and deeper than traditional tennis instruction, which is almost 100% verbal. Instructions like "take your racquet back" and "follow through" are foreign to your "mirror neuron" system. I remember as a junior being told to "get my elbow up" on the serve. I tried for days to figure out what the coach meant but couldn't translate his words into anything visual or kinesthetic. If I could have just seen a picture of this, it would have saved me so much frustration.

Hi-techtennis transports you directly into the secret, slowed down world of professional tennis. You will not only learn how the pros hit, you will also experience their technique by watching. High speed video is a miracle to sports instruction and I think you will be stunned at just how far visual learning can take your game.