If you want to hit like a high level tennis player, you have to copy their techqnique. And pro level technique looks nothing like what you were probably taught. Were you taught that coiling and uncoiling your torso (instead of "take the racket back early") is the way you store up and release big time power and speed? Were you told that properly engaging your shoulder muscle was as important as racket head speed? Were you taught that you need to lift the ball on contact and use your forearm to turn the ball to generate topspin? Were you told that rhythm and timing and the kinetic chain are critical to high level tennis and that there are very specific movements you need to copy to get this timing? Were you shown pictures and videos of what these positions and movments look like so you can copy them? I know I wasn't, and that's why I spent 15 years of my life cracking the code of pro technqiue.

    Learn how the best players in the world really hit the ball, frame by frame, to get a complete understanding how high level strokes work. I show you exactly how they do it. And exactly how YOU can do it.

    There are hundreds of video clips of the best players in the world, many recorded at an incredible 1000 fps, that you can study frame by frame in my custom video player to see how all this works. You can bookmark your favorite videos to study and they will show up on the homepage in the right hand column.