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MTM Coaches

How To Blast Your Serve Like the Pros


  • Todd Martin's Serve (High Speed)

  • Tim Henman Serve

  •   Introduction

  • Introduction. The Kinetic Chain - A Different Kind of Power

  • The Key to Pro Power

  • Marcos Baghdatis Serve Essentials

  • The Roddick Rocket - Drop and Extension

  • Comparing Pronation in the First and Second Serves

  •   Lesson 1: Slow Down and Complete Your Toss First

      Lesson 2: Storing Energy

      Lesson 3: The 'See Saw' Motion

      Lesson 4: The Swiss Army Knife

      Lesson 5: Pronation

      Lesson 6: The Kick Serve

      Lesson 7: The Toss In Depth


    Click on video and use keyboard arrow
    keys to go frame by frame

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