The Modern Forehand:
The Dynamic Pull and Elasticity
The dynamic pull: twisting the wrist backwards while simultaneously pulling forward.

The modern forehand is all about generating big and powerful topspin. And the secret to generating topspin lies in the dyanmic and elastic forearm muscles that get pulled, stretched, and released just before contact when the windshield wiper motion takes over. In my last article, I used my latest high speed video to show how the hand twists backwards and downwards as if you are "turning a doorknob". And then just before contact, you turn the doorknob in the other direction, gripping the ball and turning it like you are "twisting open" a tightly sealed jar. In this article, I want to show a rather extreme version of how pro players start pulling the racket forward to really build up tension and elasticity in the forearm muscles to help propel the racket forward and upward into contact. I call this the "dynamic pull", and it is the secret to generating topspin using the windshield wiper technique that dominates the pro game today.

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